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Wilink International is an internet technology company which focus on development, investment and application of creative ideas and technologies on internet products. We are creating and deploying new applications which improve people’s life and work. Our products connect people with similar minds and smooth the flow of information and knowledge.

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Wilink’s Technology Development team has rich experiences in website and mobile application development. In line with the company's overall development direction and vision, it has developed and operated a number of popular mobile applications and websites.

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Kiddy Great

KiddyGreat is world's first Child Nurture Management System. The platform integrates the vast amount of educational resources provided by educational service providers, at same time it allow parents develop personalized nurturing plans through the KiddyGreat's Child Nurture Management System. Through big data and artificial intelligence, KiddyGreat integrates educational resources and nurturing plan effectively in order to help parents raise their children successfully. Download "Kiddy Great" in Google Play and App Store today.

Link Asia


LinkAsia48 helps the Belt and Road Initiative to build Asia's largest information exchange platform for government and corporate investment projects. It assists enterprises in exploring overseas markets and assists the government in developing local economies. Through the management portal in LinkAsia48, enterprises and government users from various countries can promote the implementation of the project and achieve a win-win situation.



Wayo is a deeply personalized social networking platform. By answering a series of questions posted by other users, the user finds a group of friends in the world who are most like-minded. Wayo seamlessly integrates the game and friend making features, which give user a completely new friend making experience.



WizLens is a social networking platform that inspiring users' imagination and making friends at same time. User can imagine himself as a backpacker who travels to any corner of the world through WizLens, to experience the local customs and make local friends. He can imagine himself as a student who enters a distant school through WizLens, learns interesting knowledge and meet many local students. He can also imagine himself as a crazy sports fan who walks into the sports arena through WizLens, and feels the excitement and scream with the audiences. Make most out of your imagination, walk into anywhere in the world through WizLens and meet more friends.



Friendom is a new concept social networking platform. It seamlessly integrates game and friend making features. If you want to know what will happen if you and some strangers trapped in same room for 3 hours, then try Friendom. Maybe it is the beginning of your romantic experience.

Super Organizer


SuperO is short form of Super Organizer. Besides all functions an organizer should have, it is a powerful tool to connect people together. People who plan same events or similar tasks can set up communities for mingling and bonding. Getting things done and making friends at same time. SuperO is available on both Google Play and App Store.



The Multiverse is a hypothetical group of multiple universes. Together, these universes comprise everything that exists. The different universes within the multiverse are called "parallel universes", "other universes", "alternate universes", or "many worlds". (quoted from wikipedia).
The APP Multiverse is a kind of collaborative fiction, similar to Round-Robin Story in which a number of authors write chapters of a novel or pieces of a story. Everyone can contribute chapters at any places in the story, so there will be numerous versions of story. This is just like parallel universes in multiverse.

World of Rankings

World of Rankings

World of Rankings is a world you could rank anything and everything.

Zetta Buy

Enjoy Friendship! Enjoy Shopping!

ZettaBuy is more than group buy application but also a messaging and social media app. It connects users across the world at same time enjoy the fun of buying great products together. It is best suitable for group of friends who hang along together and share the joy of shopping together.
ZettaBuy function like any popular social media app. Users can know new friends, talk to friends and join group chat.
ZettaBuy provide users tools to upload products, promote products and sell products in his group.
*ZettaBuy doesn’t support online payment at moment.
Visit https://zettabuy.com to access ZettaBuy from your desktop.



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